Global Chef, David Marteau

stacks_image_15_11.pngAward-winning executive chef David Jean Marteau has been cooking and traveling around the world for over twenty years. David’s recipes aim to awaken the senses, turn the ordinary into the spectacular, and educate the palettes of his international clientele. Not satisfied with the traditional, well-known recipes of Western cuisine, he reshapes, reconstructs, and delivers on his promise of great food for the most astute food critic to the homegrown foodies looking to spice up their cooking.

Born and raised in Normandy, France, he understands the meaning of delicious food. Chef David began his career as an apprentice and graduated from the CFA (Centre de Formation des Apprentis) in Le Mans. Always looking for adventure and a chance to create recipes from around the world, Chef David’s work has taken him to world-class cities such as Paris, Brussels, Montreal, and Shanghai.
In 1999 David migrated to Montreal, Canada. Montreal served as the perfect backdrop for Chef David to experiment and perfect his recipes, while experiencing the rigors of being an executive chef serving a multicultural clientele as well as some celebrities, such as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actresses Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, actor Robert Carlyle, NBA superstar Yao Ming and president Georges Bush Senior, to name a few.

In 2004 Chef David was rated one of the “Top 5” chefs in Canada in the Tabasco National Contest.

In 2005 Chef David was also rated one of the “Top 30” best chefs in Canada in the Nestle National Competition.

In 2013 Chef david was rated one of the 50 outstanding chef in China.

Also in 2013 he finished with his team on the third position at the Disciple Escoffier culinary team trophy.

In 2007 David and his fastacks_image_6_1mily moved to Shanghai, China. Although strongly focused on his career as an executive chef at the Parkyard Hotel, he still manages to make appearances at regional cooking competitions and aims to mentor young Chinese chefs in the art of Western cooking. In recognition of his contribution to the culinary arts, David was inducted into the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Shanghai chapter as well as the Canadian Culinary Federation in the summer of 2010. Then in 2012 inside the famous French culinary association of “The Escoffier Society” greater China chapter.

Chef David is also the author of: “Creative Cooking for the Global Kitchen”


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  1. Francois Saunier

    Une amie de la Flèche m’a envoyé un article paru dans le “Maine Libre” dans lequel vous faisiez mention de l’ouverture d’un bistro café sur Shanghai.
    J’ai beau chercher sur internet, je ne trouve pas d’adresse, ni de date d’ouverture.
    Pourriez-vous avoir la gentillesse de me tenir au courant de cette information.

    Je vous en remercie et vous souhaite beaucoup de succès dans vos projets.
    Bien à vous
    Francois Saunier

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